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In today emerging credit card payments context, to develop a successful, secur and reliable acquiring strategy with a competitive edge, requires the combination of innovation, skills and expertise. Dasgateway and its acquiring partners offer complete end-to-end payment processing solutions. We specialize in processing transactions for both local and international merchants on behalf of acquiring banks. From Authorization, Clearing and Settlement, Merchant Billing and Funding to Risk management are all integrated into a one stop solution. We take out the hassle of setting up your merchant account and within a short time, you are ready to go.

Credit Acceptance Products

As Dasgateway offers flexible credit card acceptance options, this allows merchants to provide their customers with a wide range of transaction and payment facilities. With Dasgateway full-service help desk and professional customer service supports, merchants can now enjoy hassle-free payment processing anytime and anywhere.


Risk Management and Fraud Protection

As the number of ongoing and changing of fraud threats increases, it is important to be able to quickly detect and prevent these attacks without implicating your customers.


Dasgateway Payment Gateway will process transaction from merchants and house the data with maximum security. No software is needed to be installed, so getting your payment facilities up and running is quick and easy. All you need to do is to link to us to begin taking orders and accepting payments. The rest is in Dasgateway’s hand. Dasgateway fraud management solutions help merchants –

1. Minimize fraud loss by stopping fraud loss closer to its inception.

2. Ensure a positive customer experience by detecting good orders quickly

3. Operating costs are minimized by reducing the use of manual reviews and rejecting fraud processes quickly.

Dasgateway grows together with the internet. We continue to optimize our fraud metrics to ensure the safety of both our merchants and end-users. As a PCI compliant company, we strive to maintain the best certifications and up to date protection measures. Reliability is a must in the online world.

Part of security schemes include:

*BlackListed Card
*IP Blocking
*Negative Database Scrubbing
*Velocity Checks

Reporting and Reconciliation

Dasgateway provides comprehensive reporting and reconciliation facilities to help merchants streamline the management of payment processing operations.

Each merchant will have the access to their own unique backend site where they are able to login online at anytime and anywhere. Dasgateway Web Management Screen gives merchant a single, user friendly and easy-to-use online interface for managing and configuring payment processing services. This interface allows merchant to:

Dasgateway card payment servicesreporting

1. Oversee all the transactions that are reflected in real time.
2. Initiate transaction searches and receive full payment detail.
3. Obtain end-to-end visibility into your payment lifecycle including fees settlement and funding
4. Configure and access a virtual terminal to manually process phone/mail order payments
5. Create and manage recurring billing accounts
6. Access your payment activity information at both the order and summary level